5th May, 2016

British Journal of Photography

Early British Colonial Travellers Show Earliest Images of India

Working at the height of Britain’s colonial control over India, the images of Britain authorities’ official photographer, as well as a surgeon and a former banker with a love for their camera, are exhibited for the first time in London, providing some of the earliest known images of 19th century India.

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25th April, 2016

The Economist - 1843

India in Sepia

During the 19th century, technological advances and the spread of colonial rule led to an increase in global mobility – at least for members of the military and wealthy Europeans. The result was a boom in travel photography, a story richly illustrated by a new exhibition at the Prahlad Bubbar gallery in London.

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1st October, 2015

Asian Art Newspaper

Islamic Art Week

Highlights include works commissioned by Europeans living in India showing a high level of tolerance and intellectual curiosity, and of course plenty of romance. A supreme example, minus the romance, would be the perceptively drawn image of the poet Jami. A contemplative man rests on his staff, clutching a book. The face is expressive of experience and the travails of life. Dressed in rose coloured flowing robes, a pale blue shawl, and a chestnut coloured turban, he is offset against an ethereal and atmospherically affected landscape.

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18th June, 2015

The New York Times

India’s Earliest Photographers

“The show is a survey of the photographic medium in India from 1855 to 1930, highlighting some key moments”

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17th June, 2015

British Journal of Photography

The New Medium: exhibiting the first photographs ever taken in India

The New Medium is a neat survey of the birth and rise of photography as a major art form in the subcontinent. Twenty-five photographs are ordered chronologically around the bright, airy rooms of the gallery, each one chosen to reflect a distinct decisive moment in Indian photographic history. Driven by Bubbar’s background in art history, his recognition of context binds the project together as the beginnings of a technological and artistic revolution in the context of one distinct and, in itself, rapidly evolving culture.

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2nd August, 2013

Wall Street International

The Surreal in Indian Painting

The Surreal in Indian Painting: Select Works from the Arturo Schwarz and other Private Collections, an exhibition of twenty-four paintings dating from the 17th to the 19th century, will be staged by Prahlad Bubbar at his gallery at 33 Cork Street, London, from 4 October to 15 November 2013. The exhibition is timed to coincide with Islamic Art Week and Asian Art in London.

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2nd April, 2014

BBC News

Rural India in Black and White

Gianni Berengo Gardin is one of Italy’s most celebrated living photographers, best known for his pictures of his post-war homeland.

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3rd April, 2014

The Guardian

Gianni Berengo Gardin's Best Shot

I was 30, living on the Lido in Venice, and every morning I took the vaporetto, or water bus, across to where I worked in San Marco. I always carried my Leica with me, taking photographs for my own pleasure. I love Venice in the winter – the fog and the rain. This was taken one winter’s morning, when all the men were off to work.

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