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Over the past decade, Prahlad Bubbar gallery has actively engaged with international contemporary artists in special projects and site specific work, to explore the often overlooked links between Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies as well as to further develop an understanding of the vibrant connections between Eastern aesthetics and art and design of the 20th and 21st centuries through ground-breaking presentations. (Ocula/Camden Arts Centre/NY Times/BBC/RIBA Journal)

The gallery has actively engaged with modern and contemporary art, broadening its expertise in Indian and Islamic art and expanding its focus to more recent practices, while projecting a very deliberate and carefully curated vision. In effect, the gallery’s contemporary projects are an extension of that same ambitious search for the world’s most influential and innovative and upcoming artists. We strive to share our visionary work with our audiences by promoting ambitious exhibitions, artist projects, public installations, institutional collaborations, performances and interdisciplinary projects.

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