Papers Publications

Prince Dara Shikoh as a Royal Ascetic

Marcus Fraser

Marcel Duchamp in the Galleria Schwarz

Adina Kamien-Kazhdan

Man Ray: Chess Set and Table

Edouard Sebline

Elephants in a Landscape: Dakhl Poetry and the Poetic Imagination of Mir Kalan Khan

Kavita Singh

The Polished Surface: Muthesius and Brancusi in India 1930-37

Prahlad Bubbar

The Cosmic Goddess Bhavani

Gautama V. Vajracharya

European Patrons and Indian Artists in Eighteenth Century Awadh

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones

Rai Venkatchellam’s Portrait of Henry Russell

William Dalrymple

The New Medium: Photography in India 1855-85

Alexandra Cooper

On some Elephants in the Badal Mahal, Bundi

Joachim K. Bautze

The Portrait Photography of Raja Deen Dayal

Deborah Hutton

A Philosopher's Taxonomy of Shiva Parvati Images

Harsha V. Dehejia

Observations on a Painting by Dharm Das

John Seyller

On Cosmological Duality

Arturo Schwarz

Mystics, Flowers and Mythical Creatures: Extraordinary Elements in Three Deccani Drawings

Laura Weinstein

Shubha Taparia: Crescent

Unit 7, London, 2021. 120 pages.

Flowers and Geometry: Indian, Islamic and Himalayan Art 1550-1850

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2018, 95 pages

Duchamp, Man Ray, Schwarz: Photographs, Etc.

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2019, 39 pages

Immaculate Conception: Desire and the Creative Impulse 300BC-1930

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2017, 116 pages

Pigment, Form, Light: The Arts of India 1550-1900

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2015, 108 pages

The Surreal in Indian Painting: Select works from the Arturo Schwarz and other private collections

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2013, 94 pages

Indian Portraits 1800-1925

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2012, 44 pages

Pleasures of the Princes: Indian Paintings 1600-1900

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2011, 95 pages

Dazzling and Spirited: Indian Court Paintings 1400-1900

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery, 2009, 80 pages

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