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Dazzling and Spirited: Indian Court Paintings 1400-1900

28th October, 2009 - 7th November, 2009

Prahlad Bubbar presents:
Dazzling and Spirited: Indian Court Paintings 1400 – 1900 AD.
Asia House. London. October 28 – November 7th 2009.
Reception and Preview: October 27th, 2009

Indian miniatures contain worlds within themselves. They do not seek to be objective or representational in the Western sense, but follow an aesthetic program aimed at the ‘reduction’ of a scene or event to its very essence, investing it with the inner and outer worlds.

The subjects are varied: historical, imaginary, mythical, poetic and devotional, sometimes the boundaries are unclear. Portraiture is approached on a very different way in Rajput art, it is not merely observed, but felt, painted from memory based on ‘traits’ or features.

With the advent of the Mughal Empire in the late 16th century a great artistic resurgence and stylistic syntheses came about in India. Both Rajput and Mughal tastes influenced and informed each other leading to moments of great creativity and artistic production. Many works displayed here are product of this synthesis and date between the 17th and 19th centuries.

The two words of the title ‘Dazzling and Spirited’ refer not to the gold used in the paintings but to the rich enamel like pigments, and the inspired, ‘spirited’ line of the master artist.

An exhibition at Asia House dedicated to the great Indian painting traditions through centuries and geographical regions, a tribute to creativity and connoisseurship. The keen eye is required both of the artist to visualize and to create a great work, and the connoisseur to recognize its greatness and depth.

Prahlad Bubbar is a consultant and private dealer of Indian paintings. He is a leading specialist in the field known for his eye. He has placed paintings of historical importance and great beauty in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum or art, New York, The Museum Rietberg, Zurich and the National gallery of Australia to name a few. His past exhibitions have received critical acclaim by the New York Times, The Telegraph, and others. Prahlad’s wife Shubha is an artist and co curator, many works in the exhibition are here because her vision and taste.

To coincide with the exhibition, lectures and gallery talks will be presented by Robert Skelton, O.BE. and Dr. Naman Ahuja. A fully illustrated catalogue is available.



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