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Bhajuman Chitrakar
The Cosmic Goddess Bhavani
Nepal, mid 19th century
Opaque pigments on cotton, 142 x 94 cm
(A companion piece to the Rubin Museum Shiva Vishvarupa)

Frieze Masters 2016

6th October, 2016 - 9th October, 2016

Regent’s Park

Prahlad Bubbar Gallery is delighted to announce its participation in Frieze Masters 2016 with a group of exceptional artworks from South Asia that weave a timeless story. The presentation is inspired by a key conversation from the Bhagavata Purana, an ancient Sanskrit text where Krishna reveals to Arjun who he is. The moving passage defines beauty and the divine: encapsulating perhaps the greatest aesthetic theory in Indian art.
A vision of the Cosmos is seen in the form of the multi-armed Goddess Bhavani emerging from flames, she is the supreme Tantric goddess with sixteen heads. The painting is by Nepal’s preeminent artist of the 19th century, Bhajuman Chitrakar, who travelled to Europe with the King. It is also a companion piece to the Rubin Museum Shiva Vishvarupa.
Other highlights of the exhibition will be masterpieces of Mughal painting from the 16th and 18th centuries; classical Indian paintings from the Arturo Schwarz collection; and a selection of arguably the finest examples of Bhuta bronzes in private hands from Coastal Karnataka.


Tantra / Yoga: Richard Lannoy
16th September – 11th October 2016

Preview: 15th September 6-8.30pm
33 Cork Street

Prahlad Bubbar gallery announces the start of a new season of exhibitions with a rare presentation of works by British photographer Richard Lannoy. His work is shown in context with a selection of classical Indian paintings and objects related to Tantra and Yoga.
Besides being a photographer, Lannoy was also a painter and, most significantly, a distinguished writer who investigated Indian society and culture in great depth. Having lived in India, Lannoy created over the years an astounding collection of images of great beauty that depict, and even embody, a belief in the practice of a holistic view of reality.
The vintage print photographs by Lannoy presented here were all exhibited in the ground breaking 1971 exhibition ‘Tantra’ at the Hayward Gallery in London.
Tantra is a system of beliefs that sees all sides of reality as manifestations of a cosmic sexuality. Yoga, on the other hand, is a complex set of practices that aim to transcend suffering and that see both body and mind as intrinsically connected to the world. Both envision a profound connection between the individual and the universe, a view that constantly emerges in the scenes depicted by Lannoy.






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